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leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

In response to the #im not sure its violence tags and the “It’s not violence, are you people for real" posts, it is considered an act of violence to many people because it is a microaggression - a smaller act that contributes to the larger overwhelmingly harmful problem. Microaggressions don’t always have to be done on purpose to be harmful, but what makes this situation pretty bad is that it was an explicitly deliberate one. 

The reason progressive folks constantly and ardently call attention to things that are an “act of violence” is not because they are overreacting, but because it is only through bluntness and simple definitions that people will listen and pay attention to problems that are commonly swept under the rug or, even worse, just accepted as normal. 

So consider the butterfly effect of every small act contributing to and becoming part of the much larger problem. (TW TW TW TW TRANSPHOBIA) Transwomen of color are highly targeted for murder and violence (1 in 8 chance of being murdered last I saw - meaning if you met 8 transwomen of color, very likely that one out of them will probably be murdered in her lifetime), and the reason why people target them is because they are considered an “OTHER” to popular society, and the reason why people are considered an “other” is because they are left out and erased. It is not because they are different, because we accept a lot of different things as a society, but because they are “too different” and as a result are allowed to be considered abnormal - not at the same level of “normal” people. The second a group is widely accepted as below the level of acceptable people is the second we allow those with murder and violence in them to justify their actions towards that group. When we leave certain specific types of people out of representation, we erase them from “the norm”, and we contribute to the overall systematic harm towards them, and that’s why OP and many others consider it an act of violence.

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  • isthistakenalreadyyooooo I am kicking myself for not following you back because you do some pretty dang cool comics + drawings! SITUATION RECTIFIED.
  • >w<!

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 2 - Bloody Stream

merrigo is busy with school this week so I was on my own for art! I definitely Google Image Searched the phrases “JJBA” and “PIXEL” and I hope you can appreciate my dedication to my craft.

download link is in the video description!


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  • hokuto-ju-no-kenOh, no, don't get me wrong, I think the director's thoughts were fucking disgusting/unforgivable. I just don't like how Nikolaj's commentary is being boiled down to "HE'S COOL WITH IT". I despise the direction the series is taking and how much they're straying from the source material. The changes just don't make any damn sense and all it's doing it causing more and more problems down the line or, worse, dumbing it down to make it more easily digested as !SHOCKING!VISCERAL!BRUTAL! bullshit.
  • Because really that’s what’s happening. It’s being DUMBED DOWN. Petyr bluntly explaining the poisoning, everything in King’s Landing being changed to “babby’s first political intrigue” levels of blunt and Margaery, for whatever reason, having all ambiguity removed and turned into “Oh~ I’m cursed~ I had nothing to do with any of it~”. It’s all just… stupid. Stupid and horrible. My main point is I feel like the venom being flung at Nikolaj may not necessarily be completely right. It might, tho
    Completely with you on the dumbing down issues; I rant about this post-movie a lotttttt. I can accept certain levels of dumbing things down in shows and movies to an extent, because I do get why they do it, to make things more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience, to those who don’t have time/skill for the deeper-plot-analysis-type stuff, but again, only to a certain extent. There’s really no reason to dumb down EVERYTHING though, especially like Kings Landing mysteries and character ambiguities like you said. It takes the everything out of everything.
    Also I’m just so damn mad because the show has taken all these horrible, disgusting things Cersei has done and either removed them entirely or pushed them onto another character. In a way I feel it’s disgustingly sexist in the sense that they just don’t want to write a woman as someone unforgivably gross and cruel. That, as a woman, she can only be a victim and not a monster. I guarantee you that they will probably never have her rape that woman, or bring up how she sexually abused Tyrion.
    Yessss I agree. I get the feeling this scene was done in the same vein, to make her more palatable for TV viewers about agreeing to sex it up over a dead body. That was the only justification I could come up with for the scene change, but at the expense of her and Jaime’s character development is so not worth it at all!
    That GRRM writes characters who are fully capable of both “good” and “evil” are what makes ASOIAF a good series, imo, and Game of Thrones’ changes away from that are completely chipping away at the core of that. 
    The upsetting thing is that the parts where you’re actually supposed to feel tinges of pity or sympathy for Cersei DO exist (loss of children, and then her punishments later), so I dont get why they have to add MORE. Cersei being portrayed as just a stone cold bitch and not much past that is frustrating, because you can still feel humanity in her evil-ass-actions in the books, so I don’t understand why they feel like we can’t in the show. 
    It makes me really REALLY worried about what they’re going to do with Lady Stoneheart’s actions in the future of the series. I am just a lot less thrilled about Game of Thrones than I used to be, as exciting as it is to see the books come alive, I don’t really support how they’ve undermined the “morals” of the books for the sake of making the show flashier/more palatable/more streamlined??/etc
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  • hokuto-ju-no-kenOne point I feel that should be made when it comes to Jaime's actor is that he was speaking of the scene itself. That it was both consensual and non-consensual. He NEVER said he "thinks it was consensual". I also think what he filmed and what we saw were two different things. Even in the book Cersei protested at first and said what they were doing is wrong. It's my firm belief that the scene was FILMED closer to the books, then edited into the disgusted bullshit rape we saw for the shock value.
  • Yeah, I can see that, especially because of how much editing can fuck things up into an unintended mess. Doesn’t excuse the director completely imo because he still defends the final scene, but yeah I can see how Nikolaj’s thoughts on it are a little more understandable (still very reflective of how, as a society, we’re okay with pressuring someone into consent and acting like that’s complete consent but that’s another conversation) 

    My biggest issue is that in the book you get the feeling that she protests because of the situation and location (frtting about gods wrath and tywin and ppl walking in), not the actual idea of sexing, and you absolutely don’t get that feel at ALL from the episode. Like GRRM said, had it retained just a little bit of her original dialogue (like her yes yeSS YESSS ugnghhhh etc, and not just, “NO STOP DONT” crying the entire time) and her actions with only mildly pushing him away at first then getting all into it, then it would have been more true to the original tone.

    I can see where you’re coming from about the scene probably being filmed closer to the books, as it was Jaime’s POV in the books so his interpretation of her consent could be pretty dubious as best, but with Cersei’s dialogue I really feel like it was less “please don’t sex” and more “please don’t sex HERE” and that’s just straight up not how the show’s scene was shot/cut with her just crying and pulling away the entire time.

    I admit when I first watched the scene I was just upset and bothered about it because I wasn’t expecting a scandalous-but-consensual sex scene to suddenly be a violent rape, but I was trying to keep an open mind about the show’s direction. But if the director flat out feels like that new dialogue and acting direction isn’t “necessarily rape” then I really feel a whole new disconnect and suspicion to Game of Thrones that goes way beyond them not sticking to original content.

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The director who shot the scene and the man who acted in it both believe it wasn’t necessarily nonconsensual sex— an attitude that isn’t totally surprising in a society that’s deeply confused about what constitutes consent, and that doesn’t always recognize sexual violence for what it is.

 -Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress

………………………………………………………..they quite literally turned a consensual sex scene into a scene with the woman pushing him and trying to get away, screaming “no stop” and him saying “nope dont care” and they don’t think it was rape?????????????????????????????????????????????? thats normal sex for them?????


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more GOT babble


i am kinda bad about trying not to let my prior reading of stuff affect cross-media adaptions, but i’ve been trying REALLY REALLY hard with Game of Thrones (also going to try REALLLYY hard with GotG) and really the only thing that is getting me is the whole new deal with Loras

????? i just fail to see where they’re going with this i really dont understand aattt alllllllllllll whyyyyyy the change WHY

I take it completely back, now the only change I am truly mad about is them turning a tOTALLY CONSENSUAL SEX SCENE INTO A RAPE SCENE????? FOR NO REASON???


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Meanwhile, in Japan…

Say what you will about Disk Wars Avengers but at least they include Janet/Wasp unlike certain American adaptations (read:every one of them)

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  • unicornismirabiliHi :) I just read your post (holiday family dinner) and ... Well I don't know if u wanna talk or not but I know what is that! That's shit !!
  • Aw thanks friend! :3c I hate that sort of thing so much; it seems like from the reblogs it’s pretty common too, and that just frustrates and saddens me so much…!

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hexafusion anyone?

I will do a hexafusion of the first three characters y’all answer

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this is the second time that i’ve felt let down by defending someone’s opinion with “i am sure they didn’t mean it that way”

a tumblr artist was getting a lot of hate for absentmindedly promoting some problematic ideas (but with the heart in the right place, or so i thought)

i felt badly for them getting hate anons because they are young and idealistic and it’s easy to not realize just how limited of a view of the world you have when you’re below 20, so I did my best to at least point out the root of the issues in the most succinct but kindest way

…and they straight up ignored that shit and went on posting and ranting about only getting irrational and angry SJWs on their ass

so now i’m flat out suspicious that they probably only posted the irrational angry reactions and none of the reasonable explanations…

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It would be nice to have, for once, a holiday family dinner that does not consist of people you care about talking shit about other people you care about or you.

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