over the weekend i had a gig where i had to stare at and draw a lot of posing underaged girls’ butts until 4 am

i felt very, very creepy :S

Yeah car you would have the most random electrical problem the night before a convention AND gig wouldnt you??


Watch the full touching mirror experiment which will prove strangers think you’re all kinds of awesome here.


If you think it’s cheesy or too fake LET ME TELL YOU, as a caricature artist, we have to deal with this like every 15 minutes.

*girl with amazing jawline sits down* “don’t draw my chin too big” NOOO
*dude with awesome nose sits down* “give me a small nose okay?” NO
*person with the most amazing lips sits down* “why did you draw my lips so big i hate my lips!!” WHY!
*child with the most beautiful skintone sits down* *mother tells me to not make it “too dark”, that it was good at the really light tan* *cue my intense scowl*
(all of those above situations happened, as well as 7598353 more similar scenarios) (it’s not just me too, this was me and my coworkers most common rants)

the characteristics and features that people tend to be most upset about are only those that separate them out from what they’re “supposed” to look like, what separates them out from others (the nice looking people on the magazines and televisions basically).

but those most hated features are almost always what makes a person look so amazing and unique and perfect and it distresses me so much that folks would rather i shave them down to a generic Disney character that essentially doesn’t look like them.

this is why you hear me rant about media representation and body positivity so much; i can think of no better way to help people start to appreciate themselves more than to stop throttling what we as a society find aesthetically pleasing.



These dormitories will be creatively lead by two of the most significant animators today, Naoyuki Asano and Shingo Yamashita. More veteran animators will be invited to host drawing lectures and workshop. Also Asano & Yomashita’s collaboration animation is currently under production!

Naoyuki Asano
Asano is one of the animators with most attractive creativity among the coming of age Japanese animator generation. As a animator, he takes key role in projects such as “The Tatami Galaxy" (TV)(2010),  “Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels" (Movie)(2011), "Saint Young Men" (Movie)(2013)”, and many more popular projects.

Shingo Yamashita

The forerunner of digital drawing technique for Japanese animation. Yamashita’s work includes key animator roles in “Birdy the Mighty: DECODE" (2012), "Naruto" (2007~), and "Yozakura Quartet" series (2010, 2013). Yamashita’s the sole preson responsible to the magnificent ending sequence of "From the New World"(2013).

To support and help them achieve their goal of $10,000. head to their indieGoGo page to pledge! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/animator-dormitories-for-start-ups/

A worthy cause!  Definitely check it!