#Big Al


Ash, I would just like to say that I'm honored at the fact that you're following me. Thank you ♥ I would also like to say that you're one of my art idols and I'm so thankful that you stepped up and designed Big Al as we see him today~ thank you so much! ♥♥♥

/////////pRAISE omg how do i thank aahh;;

it-it’s.. wah! you’re praising me too much! i’m honored that you’re honored AHHH !? a-art idol whjfkfsfsglstfgdgfgfghhhhhhh;;;;


Hiya bear. I bet you get this question a lot but since you were the maker of Big Al's box art I was wondering if you could anwser something. In Big Al's design what does his Belt buckle look like?

It’s modeled after a classic Shure 55S microphone; a rounded rectangle with horizontal lines cut out and a stamped metal circle in the center. I should really put a character sheet up for him for all the random small things like that in his design.